Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm Getting Started and You Can Join Me

It's Good Friday 2009. I believe the LORD called me today. I'm beginning this site as a personal project, yet I hope that it will become a living breathing community of prayer.

I am a Sinner. I pray and read the The Bible daily, striving to be more Christlike. I also believe that prayers should be shared. By posting prayers to this site, it allows others to pray for me and the others who post prayers here.

Join me in prayer, simply relate or find inspiration. And for others who are curious,  you could possibly begin a journey with Christ.

You're invited to Participate. Ways to Participate:
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  • Add Your Prayer - Submit your own prayer as a Comment to Add Your Prayer - you can post your prayer under your Profile or you can submit your prayer anonymously.

In advance - Thank You for your interest. I hope all of our prayers are answered.