In late 2009, I developed severe anxiety disorder. I had already been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I'm ADD/ADHD. I was living in Las Vegas at the time. 

I lost everything and my family shipped me to Cleveland, OH in March of 2010, so they could care for me. I live in a home that was used as a storage facility for seven years. Everything I own is still in boxes. There is no place to put anything. I live in a worn out La-Z-boy chair. If you would like to see where I live, you can read the post on my main blog:

I have been unable to work, but I can write. 

I spend all of my time in coffee shops and restaurants using their FREE WiFi. I manage about 14 sites.

I'm working to develop online businesses because I need to return to Las Vegas. I have an 11 year-old daughter there, who lives with her mother. 

Her mother recently filed for sole legal and physical custody, plus child support, back health insurance and legal fees. I didn't have a dime to defend myself. She won everything by default. I don't even have visitation rights anymore. 

I not only have the task of going from sub-zero, financially, to moving across the country, but when I get there, I have to fight for the right to see my daughter. 

I've lived on handouts from my brother and sister, food stamps, and government health care programs, since I arrived in Cleveland. 

If you like what I'm providing here, please donate. I know God will bless you. I will, too. 

Thank you, 

Roger Blazic

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