Saturday, April 11, 2009

What If Jesus Was My Webmaster?

What if Jesus was my Webmaster?

Typically, someone associated with a website is responsible for policing the site and making sure everything works properly. Posts are published, comments are moderated and site design is periodically upgraded.

I know as the author of this site, all of the tasks above are my responsibility. But what if I had a helper? What if I had someone on my creative team that was very special? He could have extraordinary talents. He could always know how things were going on this site. He'd know immediately when a link failed, and could have it fixed within micro-seconds.

When he wrote posts, readers would be inspired to do great things, walking away from their computers and spending time with family and friends; or finding a stranger in need and helping them. What if there was no way of sufficiently describing this mystery man? But we knew he had remarkable talents and skills that exceeded anything we could imagine. And when we crossed paths with Him, our lives would be changed forever, for the good.

I don't know, but being inspired to produce this site on Good Friday gives me chills. To start with a simple idea of personal prayer and creating a place to post my prayers was a rather humble beginning. I had no idea this site would grow to what it has become in a short 17 hours. Yes, I started this site on Good Friday April 10, 2009 around 7 pm PDT. I started working on customizing the template header and designing my own artwork.

Last night, on Good Friday, I tried a couple Google searches for photos and on the third try, I found the photo.

When I first spotted the photo, something set off in my mind. My simple idea of a personal prayer site was hyper-injected with fast-rising yeast and my humble idea began to expand exponentially. I've never built a site with such fervor. It was as if I was possessed. I found myself slapping posts onto the site with thumbnail phrases to quickly capture ideas, then I would go back and flesh them out as the moon traveled across the black Nevada sky.

By sunrise, all of the core elements were in place.

I write at a torrid pace. I'd have to guess, in the last 22 hours, excluding the three hour nap in my La-Z-boy chair, with my laptop toasting my thighs to a crispy red, I've written about 12,000 words or more. And they make sense!

Producing at that rate boggles my mind. For all of this to come together so quickly, I find it hard to believe that I did this alone, solely on my talent. Maybe I had a helper. Maybe a little voice became my co-author. Maybe the keys rushed my cursor across the screen at a 2-for-1 pace - true Vegas style. Finding photography was easier than ever. Everything seemed to fall into place. Oddly, the majority of the photos I found were total strokes of luck. Fortunately, I downloaded them to my desktop as soon as I spotted them. When I went back later, using the same search term to find them, they were gone. New, hideous photos were coming up in the search. Maybe I had a little friend fetching the ideal pictures from the vastness of the web for me. Everything flowed so well, maybe It wasn't just me in the softness of a 40 watt bulb, alone with my little white iBook G4 and an old Burger King jumbo cup filled with ice and Diet Coke. Maybe. Just maybe, Jesus is my Webmaster.

We have a lot to celebrate on Easter, and it has nothing to do with bunnies or chocolate. My Webmaster paid a huge price nearly 2000 years ago, so that we my have eternal life. We weren't left with images of a gruesome death on a hill under a densely cloud-covered sky. On Sunday, a huge stone rolled away and unsealed eternal life for all of us.

Yes, Jesus is my Webmaster. I hope He blesses the visitors of this site. I hope He touches them the way I felt that I've been touched during the process of building this site. I hope that a damaged soul finds their way to the photo of those beautifully clasped hands and posts a prayer. And navigates away from this web address with a little bit more in their heart than when they first arrived. With Jesus as my Webmaster, anything is possible. Mountains can be moved. Share this site with your friends. And tell them Jesus is my Webmaster.

In love,


Happy Easter

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