Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Lord, I have not been very disciplined the last few days. I get rolling on a project, work all night, and then disrupt the next day.

I believe I've read in the Bible that discipline is critical for survival. A regular tempered routine would serve me well. Please help me keep on track. Help me spend my time wisely and productively.

Thank you for the blessings.

Please release the anger from Theresa. I was a bit shocked when I asked her if she was interested in making money yesterday and she snapped back, "NO. I'm FINE." - we all know that is not the truth.

She said our marriage fell apart because of my anger. And then she's lied about forgiving me. I can honestly say that I'm about 95% fine with her. What happened is done. I've tried to reach out in a genuine fashion, but she rejects everything that comes from me, and thinks peace and harmony are symbolized by plates of cookies she gives me.

I'll never fully understand. But I know you will. Do what you can to lift the obvious tension from her. Even though I'm in a horrible situation now, I'm relatively at peace. I suffer from worry more than anger.

Take care of everyone in my family. Thank you for the video chatting with my sister. This is the closest we've been in three years. Thank you.


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