Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today, I Met A Hero

One of the reasons I have created so many blogs is that I wanted to be able to have a blog and a place to write for just about any topic that came across my computer screen.

Today, a story jumped off the screen and embraced me. I was overcome with emotion. I cried.

Maybe my emotions flowed because I spend so much time online. I see mass amounts of selfishness and greed. I see few acts of kindness. Today, we have so many people the world labels as heroes. Sometimes I wonder what criteria they were using before they applied the label.

Real heroes are quiet. They serve others, selflessly. They go about their work with diligence, driven by passion. They don't seek accolades or recognition. They just go about their work. Every day. The reward they seek is a smile. A smile where once a countenance seemed hopeless or afraid. Heroes work to lift others away from the darkness. Heroes make sacrifices and never complain. They know what is right and they don't need affirmations or even followers. They often work alone.

I met a man today whose body is no longer with us. He was granted his eternal reward on February 1, 2006. He died serving others. The people that killed him must not have wanted to be served. Henry Prendes was an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Every day, serving others was his mission. He didn't announce his mission as he left his home. He quietly got in his car and went to work.

Even though Henry risked his life every day to serve the citizens of Las Vegas. He had a much bigger job to do that came from his heart. From his experience as a police officer, he knew those that needed his passion the most - our youth. He knew that good role models and good mentors were critical to helping a child who felt lost, find hope. He knew the best role model he could teach children about was a man named Jesus Christ.

Each sentence becomes harder for me to complete as I think about Henry's vision and his tragic demise. Heroes always seem to leave us too soon.

Henry may not be here with us today, but his memory lives on. His cause did not die with his body. His cause needs more quiet heroes to pick up the torch. In the relay race of humanity, Henry needs others to run the next leg.

A person of Henry's character leaves big shoes to fill. What he may have done on his own had he lived is unknown. But I'd bet it would have been big. Office Prendes planted a seed. We as brothers and sisters in Christ need to step up and nurture those seed. We need to attempt to fill Henry's shoes. They're big. We need a lot of help.

I never tell people what to do with their money or time. I only hope I can show them the rare glowing lights in humanity and see if they are drawn to those lights. Today, I'm going to give you links to two lights that still shine and keep the memory and passion of Henry Prendes alive.

This being a site about prayer. I ask that you take a moment and thank your Maker for Henry. Pray for his survivors. Pray for Henry's dream.

What you do after you've followed the links is up to you. I cannot contribute money, myself. But I have resources. I have time. Telling the world about a hero is now my passion and it will never die. I've placed a permanent link to the website Henry's Place in the sidebar of this site. I'm placing more links on other sites I run. I'm going to broadcast links worldwide on twitter. We need heroes today. We need them as role models. We need the stories of their true unconditional Christian love to be told - over and over and over.

Think of the times you passed on jokes to others that weren't even funny. Or FWD another poll from a magazine. Honestly, that kind of content is worthless in the grand scheme of things. What Henry did and what his survivors will do, has the ability to change lives. Please consider being part of something that big. Please help a child find a smile again. Please help a child learn to walk in the path of our LORD. You can do it quietly. That's how heroes work.

Visit on the web Henry's Place

Join Henry's Group on Facebook


Dear LORD. Thank you for Officer Henry Prendes. He served us well. We can only hope to fill his shoes. LORD, give us the strength and courage to pass on his dream for generations to come. LORD, give us to willingness to carry the torch for the next leg. On the banner at the finish line it says HOPE. LORD, let us get there for Henry.

In Jesus Name We Pray.


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